Authentic Sin Moo Hapkido taught by an official 5th Dahn Black Belt, Chief Master Pat Corcoran.

Hapkido is a korean martial art which uses dynamic kicking ,holds, joint locks, throws, re-direction, punches, pressure points and weapons techniques to subdue would be assailants. Hapkido is a fantastic self defence style with realism in mind, not a sport but a system of personal defence that will give you the tools to keep your self safe and to improve your overall well-being

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Sin Moo Hapkido Demonstration

Practical Sin Moo Hapkido street fight demonstration with Patrick Corcroan and Niall O’Sullivan.

Fitness Class Details

  • Patrick Corcoran
  • Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
  • Tues & Thurs: 6.00 pm - 8.00 pm. Sat: 1.00 pm - 3.00 pm
  • Unit 41, Waterford Business Park, Cork Road, Waterford
  • € 10

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